Just as the butterfly is the true nature of the caterpillar,

Enlightenment is our true nature.

Through the cultivation of consciousness, we can transform and embody our enlightened hearts and grow a brighter world together."
~ Shanti

Coming Up....

8 Week Transformational
Enlightenment Meditation Program

Saturday August 10th
12.30pm-2pm AST


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*Early Bird Special $395 till July 10th
*applies for yoga teachers and multiple time participants
* flexible payment plan available

NEW : Yoga Nidra 28 Minutes 432 HZ


" Where Shanti is, there is love"

~ Virgil

" Shanti is liquid gold "
~ Sacha

" Shanti is the little buddha of Aruba "
~ Saskia Franken

" I’m in awe of how much love Shanti puts into her actions,
her whole essence is based on love."
~ Darlene Buunen

" Shanti has the unique ability to help one look at one's pain like it's candy "
~ Amanda

" It can be at the butterfly farm, it can be on a silent retreat, a full moon tribal night, or over an ecstatic dance, a yoga session, a random beach meditation or an Enlightenment workshop.
Shanti is one of the few examples of humans that walk the path she preaches and delivers wisdom in every situation she is into. Her events are a must attend for any person into seeking something more, something deeper, something more real "
~ Davide, Enlightenpreneur

" Shanti is an amazing human being who entered into my life at the right moment.
Each gathering she reminds us of the important things in life.
And her authenticity will open your heart into the world of spirituality and love for all beings."
~ Marlon Moorebida

“I have always found being in Shanti’s presence to be nourishing and healing. Being in Shanti’s presence - whether in a yoga class or silent retreat - inspires the inner stillness within to spontaneously arise and bring with it a clarity that only truth can bring and the joy of being that is our natural state. I feel privileged and grateful to know Shanti and to have the opportunity to practice presence in her company. I recommend spending time with Shanti - however short - if you would like to come home to your true nature, that of infinite peace - the peace of God.”
- Caroliz Perez, psychotherapist

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