Shanti Prenatal Program

Now also available Online !!
” I am prepared for everything, I expect nothing ..”  Birth Mantra

Shanti Prenatal Program offers a complete and balanced program for your pregnancy, birth preparation and recovery after birth.
To register for this program call for an Intake appointment at 661-8133

In the Prenatal Class you learn:
Prenatal Yoga : movements and exercises to support your transforming body
Breathing and Relaxation techniques to focus and calm the mind
Pain Management : breathing techniques, movements and more tools
to manage contractions effectively during the different stages of labor
Breathing Techniques during pushing phase and exploration of different pushing positions
Additional Programs:
Lecture on the Prenatal, Birth and Baby Phase :
This Osteopathy lecture provides you with eye opening information, regarding your pregnancy, birth and newborn care.  After this lecture you and your partner are equipped to make wise choices regarding your prenatal health, birth preparation and to respond more effectively to your baby’s needs.
Breastfeeding Solution & Conscious Parenting for Babies Workshop :
A complete education on breastfeeding will provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to breastfeed successfully and overcome obstacles with more ease.
Understand your baby’s brain development and learn key tools to build a healthy relationship with your baby in support of his/her social and emotional development.
 Hospital Visit:
Familiarizing with the hospital environment is key to maintain your calm and focus. We visit the entire Maternity Ward and learn about the practical hospital guidelines of labor, birth and newborn care.
Coaching for Partner/Birth Buddy:
Guidance is essential during labor and birth.

In this additional class your partner/birth buddy is trained how to help you and guide you throughout the different stages of labor & birth.

You can start the classes in your 18th week.
Classes are held on Monday (English) 6.15pm – 7.15pm,Wednesday (Dutch) 6.15pm – 7.15pm at Centro Quivit and Saturdays 11.00am-12..00pm at Island Yoga*
*this class is a prenatal yoga class focused exercise and relaxation only
In the Intake we get to know you personally and assess your health profile. We provide guidelines to ensure prenatal health, safety and a propitious birth experience.

” Birth is the first and biggest life experience of both Mother and Child….
one must prepare for this adventure!”             ~ Shanti

 Shanti has been teaching Prenatal Classes for 11 years and is still loving it!!


 2018 Natasja’s Testimonial
I highly recommend the Shanti Prenatal program to all pregnant mothers. I have experienced it as a relaxed lesson where I’m preparing for the moment of birth. It relaxed me to hear tips and tricks. At the moment of birth I had the tools to get through the experience even when it got difficult. I was positive and knew what I wanted or needed at every stage of the birth experience. This program gave me the knowledge of what was happening and it helped me convince myself I can do it.
~Natasja and Baby Damian
2017 Adiella’s Testimonial
As a first time mom you get (unwanted) advice thrown at you from every direction. Friends, family, even strangers! It can be very overwhelming. Not to mention all the hormones and the changes in your body that you’re dealing with. This combination can cause a new mom lots of stress. Shanti’s class helped me relax and bring me back to what’s really important in my pregnancy; my well being. She gave me a time to relax and reflect, to realize that I know exactly what is right for my baby and me during this pregnancy. That I am strong and am able to handle whatever labor has in store for me. The classes made me more relieved about the labor and to be accepting of whatever happens during it. My labor was completely not what I expected, but I was fine. I kept thinking back on Shanti’s words and it helped.
I recommend this class to anyone who is willing to go into it with an open heart and mind.
~ Adiella and baby Aiyla
2012 Getuigenis van Juliette
Ik ben begonnen met zwangerschapsyoga bij Shanti. Een aantal kennissen op Aruba hadden mij dit aangeraden. Ik ben heel blij dat ik dit ook gedaan heb.
De lessen zitten vol goede tips en het is heel fijn dat je met andere moeders to-be bent zodat je ook tips met elkaar kunt uitwisselen.Je leert wat je te wachten staat, hoe je moet ademhalen, ontspannen en hoe je je weeen het beste kunt opvangen. Ook hoe je moet persen en wat je partner kan doen, komt aan bod. Daarnaast zijn er extra lessen zoals een bezoek aan het ziekenhuis, partnerlessen, borstvoedingsvoorlichting en een presentatie van een osteopaat, wat alles nog fijner maakt.
~Juliette en Baby Sophie