March Meditation Series

Saturdays 12.30 – 1.45pm f25 per session at Island Yoga

With deep love and gratitude I offer these powerful new meditation series for our increased healing, conscious expansion and LOVE for living!aspiring to meditate with you,

March 6
Ecstatic Movement
with DJ Solar Plexus
Move from within in this dance meditation.
Express and celebrate pure being through movement.

March 13
The Breath Journey
We do not breathe enough!Explore and balance your breath.
Cultivate more breathing power through breathing poetry, breath meditation and breath art.

March 20
Death Meditation
Engage in the life time preparation for a peaceful death.
Learn how to prepare for death and integrate death awareness in daily living for increased purpose and joy.

March 27
The Dark Night : Emotional Healing Meditation
Embrace your darkness and discover how it is your ultimate guru.
Learn the lost artistry of inner journeying.
Embody greater wisdom and wholeness

Enlightenment Workshop

Starting Saturday October 17 th at Island Yoga

STRESS MANAGEMENT and WELLNESS are just the beginning
now is the time for ENLIGHTENMENT
Just like it’s in the nature of the caterpillar to become a butterfly,
it’s in our nature to embody Enlightenment.
A relaxed body and a calm mind are the basic conditions needed to tap into
our naturally Enlightened core. Our inner source of wisdom, power, wholeness and interconnection to all.
This is the kind of force needed to live and thrive in today’s world.
Are you ready to do the inner work?
Are you ready to shed old limiting habits and beliefs?
Are you ready to grow into the true you?
Are you ready to stand in the source of your own greatness?
Are you ready to live fearless and love fully?
Are you ready to live the life you dream of?
The time is now….
-What Meditation Truly is
-How to Meditate Successfully for Sustained Benefits & Growth
-Effective Breathing Techniques for Daily Balance
-Powerful Meditation Techniques and Awareness Practices
-Psychophysiology of Stress
-Multi-Dimensional Anatomy and Chakras
-The Art of Emotional Healing
-The Power and Wisdom of the Heart
& more
Each week is theme structured.
Receive weekly insights, inspirational material and assignments.

it’s a delight to embark on this journey with you!

sign up with me or at Island Yoga
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New Meditation Series

Meditation Series at Island Yoga
Saturdays 12.30-1.30pm
July 18th & 25th Aug 1st & 8th
f18.50 drop in fee

Shaking Meditation
Saturday July 18th

One of the primal ways the body is designed to release stress is through shaking movements. Learn how to trigger your body’s natural shaking response with simple and gentle TRE- (Trauma Release Exercises) exercises to release old stored stress and return to stillness.

Chakra Meditation
Saturday July 25th
Your essence is energy. Meditating on the energy centers in the body naturally balances the subtle layers of your mind, body, emotion and activates your inner guidance & wisdom.
Learn a simple technique to align your chakras and replenish your energy field daily.
Mantra Meditation
Saturday August 1st
Mantra is also known as protector of the mind.
Repetition of a word, sound or counting effectively dissolves the thought stream
and allows the mind to naturally settle.
Learn creative ways to practice the calming 108 mantra meditation with and without mala.

(You may bring your mala, optional)

Zen Meditation
Saturday August 8th
The practice of non doing, of effortless being and of pure presence
is a true artistry of awareness.
Transcend mental filters
and connect with the true nature of existence.
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Life is Beautiful

” Each thought creates a biochemical reality in our body ”
I read this long time ago in one of Deepak Chopra’s books,
it always stuck with me.
Our thoughts determine how we feel and how we feel determine our actions and choices and what we manifest and attract in life.
Our mind setting determines our life setting to a great degree.
Especially in challenging times like these, it is important to keep our line of thoughts in check, do not go negative. If you do, which is a very human thing, train to think in affirmations and focus on what you appreciate now in life.

Mindful March – Meditation Workshop


Mindful March Workshop
Saturday March
12.30-1.30 pm
f22.50 per class or f75 for package
Saturday March 7
Bliss of Being
The Fundamentals of Mindfulness
Learn why mindfulness is considered the ‘seat belt’ of mental health.
How to use mindfulness in daily life and as a formal practice
to transform stress into peace.
Saturday March 14
Loving Kindness : Restoring the Heart
This ancient practice is a true balm for the heart.
Cultivation of compassion for yourself and others is known to reduce anxiety, increase positive emotions and rejuvenate your entire system.
Saturday March 21
Gratitude : The Gateway to Abundance
Living in continuous wanting and needing numbs us from the everyday blessings. Even in intense turmoil this practice is of great benefit.
The attitude of gratitude can lower depression and is known to be the great protector of happiness.
Saturday March 28
Death Awareness for Fulfilled Living
Moving beyond death denial and integrating the idea of death in our lives
greatly enhance our commitment to maximize life.
Learn various practices and tips to befriend death and
gain more peace, clarity and purpose.
* this session is 30 minutes longer
email, whats app 6618133 or at Island Yoga

Enlightenment Meditation Workshop

6 week Meditation Workshop
Sat Jan 11.18.25 Feb 1.6. (Sun)16

Are you ready to come home to your true organic state
of inner freedom and peace?
Move beyond stress , conditioning and fears through meditation.
This workshop is a weave of ancient wisdom, insights and time-tested practices that aid in healing and transformation.
In this workshop you :
* build a personal lifetime meditation practice
* learn powerful meditation techniques & breathing exercises
* deepen your present moment awareness with daily exercises
* understand the science of stress
* learn about your bio-spiritual anatomy
* get in touch with your Heart’s Intelligence
Includes :
Journaling, weekly themes, insights and assignments.
Bring: a journal and pen
Snacks & tea provided
to reserve a spot reply to email or whats app 6618133
register at Island Yoga (official registration opens December)
” It is nectar for the soul” 
~ Nadia Dresscher
“I love how each workshop has something new,
some new knowledge, some new development”
~ Zanette Refunjol
” You can’t miss it!”
~ Davide Bugatti
“The benefits are honestly beyond anything that I expected. “
 ~ Jamie